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Spreading the word… #100happydays


The other day I read in a blog about a super cool project called #100happydays. The main idea of this project is that people can share through different platforms photos about things that make them feel happy. It can be everything you want. I think it is a funny way of sharing and remembering that everyday little things are the ones that make us truly happy. If you are interested in the project you can read more here. It is super easy and the only thing you have to do is pick a platform to share your pictures and use the hashtag #100happydays. I started it last week, I pick Instagram as my main platform to share my pics so if you want to follow me my name is NINAORDEIX. Here are my photos so far. Have a beautiful day and share some pics! Nina :)100happydays


SPANISH: El otro día leí en un blog sobre un proyecto que me encantó llamado #100happydays. La idea principal de este proyecto es que las personas pueden compartir a través de diferentes plataformas de redes sociales fotos acerca de las cosas que los hacen sentir feliz. Puede ser cualquier cosa. Creo que es una forma divertida de compartir y recordar que todos los días son las pequeñas cosas las que nos hacen felices, son los detalles los que suman. Si te divierte el proyecto y estás interesado les dejo el link para que puedan leer un poco más de que se trata. Es muy fácil y lo único que hay que hacer es elegir una plataforma para compartir tus fotos y utilizar el hashtag # 100happydays. Yo empecé la semana pasada y elegí Instagram para compartir mis fotos. Si quieren pueden seguirme, mi usuario es NINAORDEIX. Ojalá les divierta!! Que tengan un lindo día :), beso Nina.

My month in pictures… #March 31 pictures in 31 days

Today I am presenting you a new feature called “My month in pictures”. This month 31 photos in 31 days. I have been thinking to start it quite time ago. I am lover of pictures, and I am always taking photos, so the main problem about this is that I have tons of pictures that never see the light and end in a forgotten file in my computer. As a way to tackle this issue, last year I start developing DIY projects to display photos in my home (see this project and this). But I still have lots of pics I would love to share. So I think that “My month in pictures” is a great way to give that lovely pictures a chance to see the world and also is a good way for me to sum up my month and have a place to collect my memories. I also add some quotes or phrases that I found during the month (like in instagram or Pinterest) and for some reason catch my attention (i am so a ´quote girl´). Hope this is the first post of many… and this is my March to remember: a month full of joy and nostalgia; hard work; I enjoyed the very last sunsets of the summer (an amazing summer by the way); roadtrips with friends; too many hours in the office; I reach my 30s (amazing birthday); we welcome new members of the family; I had yoga in the grass; lovely Sunday surprises; nice family lunches and a month full of challenges… I thank for a great March, hope your month was awesome too, love Nina :)

SPANISH: Hoy les presento una nueva sección en el blog que se llama “Mi mes en imágenes ” (My month in pictures). Este mes 31 fotos en 31 días. He estado pensando en empezar este espacios desde hace bastante tiempo. No es una novedad que siempre estoy sacando fotos (con mi celular y con mi cámara) y el principal problema de esto es que tengo un montón de fotos que nunca ven la luz y terminan en un archivo olvidado en mi compu. Como una forma de solucionar esta cuestión, el año pasado arme un par de proyectos (DIY, hacelo vos mismo) para mostrar las fotos en mi casa (si no los viste podes ver este DIY y este) . Pero todavía tengo un montón de fotos que me encantaría compartir. Así que creo que este nuevo feature es una excelente manera de darle a esa fotos olvidadas la oportunidad de ver el mundo. Creo que también me va a servir para resumir mi mes y tener un especie de álbum de recuerdos. Van a ver que agregue algunas citas o frases que voy encontrado durante el mes (como en instagram o Pinterest) y que por una razón o por otra llamaron mi atención (soy tan `chica quote’ ). Espero que este sea el primer post de muchos … y este es mi Marzo para recordar : un mes lleno de alegrías y nostalgias; con muuuucho trabajo; disfruté lo más que pude de los muy últimos atardeceres del verano (un verano increíble por cierto), roadtrips con amigas; demasiadas horas en la oficina; cumplí 30 años; le dimos la bienvenida a nuevos miembros de la familia; probé yoga en el pasto; tuve lindas sorpresas de domingo; buenos almuerzos familiares y un mes lleno de desafíos … Agradezco por un gran mes, espero que su Marzo haya sido increíble. Besos y buen finde, Nina :)mymonthinpictures

Because summer is…

I live in this part of the world where it does not snow for Christmas and Santa Claus comes in shorts here. In spite of this, we still follow north pole traditions like eating very very good caloric food ( like nuts, raisins, pudding), traditions are traditions I know! but we should probably change it for some cool snacks. When all the north of the planet is in a historic cold spell and winter storms, here we are in shorts and flip-flops waiting every weekend to go to the beach. I think every season has its own magic and I really enjoy every single one, but I must admit that in summer people is with other energy, people vibrates differently … and this energy can be perceive in the air and I assure you it is contagious. For me summer is for picnics, friends, naps, beach and lots of sun!! So here is a glimpse of my summer … very colorful … very sunny, very warm, very magic :)

summer21summer17 summer10 summer6 summer3summer30summer18 summer4summer8summersummer20summer5summer22summer31summer1Have a lovely week, Caro aka Nina.

SPANISH: Me toco vivir en esta parte del mundo donde para Navidad no nieva y claramente Papa Noel no viene abrigado. Comemos cosas caloricas (nueces, pasas, budines) pero por deformación… Cuando todo el norte del planeta está con una ola polar histórica, nosotros estamos de shorts y chancletas esperando cada fin de semana para ir a la playa, o sea en pleno V E R A N O. Creo que cada estación tiene lo suyo y me gustan todas, pero debo de admitir que en verano la gente vibra con otra energía… una energía que se siente en el aire… los colores… el sol… el viento calentito… me encanta… Este es un pequeño resumen de mi verano so far, tan colorido, tan soleado y tan mágico como cualquier verano debería ser… Que tengan una linda semana. Besos Caro aka Nina :)

Photos: mix selection from La Pedrera, Montevideo and Punta del Este. Uruguay.

Obsess about this app… Clipcrop


I am always looking for new apps to manipulate and edit photographs. I wrote about some of my favorites apps here. And I am using my cellphone more than ever as a camera so it´s great to find tools to edit them on the go. In the search of good apps I found Clipcrop and I have to admit I am really obsess with this new app. It has amazing masks for cropping the photos and my favorite thing: it has all the alphabet to crop. The good new is that is free (for some masks you have to pay) but in my opinion the basic app has enough shapes to play with. Here are some sneak peaks of the masks:




obsess2Do you have other cool cropping apps to recommend?

Have a lovely weekend,

Nina :)

Experimenting with underwater photography

underwaterphotographySome time ago I became obsess about underwater photography. In fact I found an amazing artist Elena Kalis who is a mermaid photographer and I absolutely adore her work. So I know I am far away Elena, but I have a thought about why not trying underwater photography with my iphone! I have to admit that I had so much fun playing underwater. My goal for the future is to keep taking this kind of pictures and I absolutely need a better waterproof camera to play with.underwaterphotography4The first thing you will need to start snapping pictures underwater (and the cheaper option) is to buy an underwater case for your camera or your iphone. I bought this one and was the main tool for this pictures. You can check in amazon, there are lots of waterproof cameras in a low budget. I still didn´t choose my perfect gear for this new hobby, but i heard that the GoPro camera it´s really cool.underwaterphotography5underwaterphotography3 underwaterphotography2 photographyunderwater0underwaterphotography1Hope you like this post, I really love to take this pictures! Even if their are soooo amateur… and as you realize I add some aquatic doodles. I will keep you update about my underwater adventures and please try your own pictures and let´s be underwater friends!!!

Have a lovely weekend!! Love, Nina.

p.s: I am a fish in the water :)

Taking pictures like a crazy person…

photo loveI love photography since I have memory. Is one of my favorite hobbies in the world!! Experimenting with photos and adding filters and playing with texts, shapes and light is so fun. Lately I realized that since I have Instagram I take lots of photos even in the same day. I think is the best app and I usually use the “Amaro” filter.


IMG_6444 IMG_6226 IMG_6547

The other app I am in love is “Afterglow” it has fantastic filters and the funny thing is the different shapes you can put to your picture.


IMG_6352 IMG_6337 IMG_6363 IMG_6334

Last but no least is the “Line Camera” app which is amazing because you can add stamps to your photos and also it has some unique filters with hearts and flowers.


 IMG_6571 IMG_6572 IMG_6570

What is your favorite app? Please share them so I can try them!!



My Collections… Photo Cameras


I love photography, is one of my favorites hobbies in the world. With the years I been collecting some beautiful cameras I use for different purposes. My favorite new addition is my INSTAX MINI CAMARA, I really adore!!! It´s very funny and the photos are immediately develop.instax

My NIKON 40 is a lovely treasure because it was my first semi-professional camera. It really takes very good photos and is a comfortable camera to take with me when I travel. I think now is discontinuous. I use a 18-55 mm lens and a 55-200 mm lenses.nikond40

Recently I fall in love with Toy Cameras, I love the fact that with this type of cameras, you never know the final result until you develop the film, every single photo is like an experiment. I have two:

The OKTOMAT, which is a camera with 8 lenses, and captures the movement in 8 different mini frames.oktomat

And finally but no less beautiful is THE HOLGA, is a very simple camera that works with 120 mm film and if you want it, you can shift it to 35 mm film adapter (you have to buy it separately) The Holga has beautiful results in the final pictures, because the borders of the pictures are a bit vignette and blur.holga

If you are interesting in toy cameras I recommend you to start reading about LOMOGRAPHY which is a analog camera movement and community. This is the official site of Lomography where you can find all the different cameras they offer.photocameras

Have fun taking pictures!! Love 😉