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Be yourself even if…

Because dreaming that a star lives in your hair is just super cool here I share a new drawing of the BE YOURSELF SERIES… Happy day everyone, Love! Nina. /Spanish: Porque a veces soñar que una estrella vive en tu pelo es super cool.. les dejo un nuevo dibujo de la serie BE YOURSELF, que tengan un lindo día, Nina.beyourself10eng beyourself10esp

Be yourself even if …

Because sometimes you can feel your heart is going to explode with so many emotions (good ones)…here is a new drawing of the BE YOURSELF SERIES. If you want to check the previous ones click here. Have a lovely day, Nina. /Spanish: Porque a veces podes sentir que tu corazón va a explotar con tantas emociones (de las lindas)… les dejo una nueva entrega de BE YOURSELF SERIES… Si quieren chequear los dibujos anteriores de esta serie les dejo el link. Que tengan un gran día, besos Nina.

beyourself 9 eng beyourself 9 spanish

Be yourself even if…

beyourself8Spanish: “..Sé tú misma incluso si todavía crees en cuentos de hadas..”

Caro aka Nina :)


Be yourself even if…

beyourself7Spanish: “Sé tú misma, incluso si decides salir usando una remera llena de conos de helados”.

Nina :)


Be yourself even if…

beyourself6Spanish: “Sé tu misma aún si hay días en los que sentís que perteneces a otra galaxia”.


Nina :)


Be yourself even if…

Last weekend I watched the movie “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” and one line really hit me.. it was something like “Welcome to the island of Misfit Toys…” So today I share with you a new drawing of the “Be yourself series” inspired in that phrase. If you want to check the previous drawings of the series “Be yourself”, just click in the drawings tag.


Love, Nina :)

Be yourself even if..

I ´ve been doodling around, and this is the result of the week. I have to say that I am really enjoying this series of doodles that I called “Be Yourself”, I think are good reminders mixed with a sweet drawing. Have a fantastic weekend! and for me I will keep practicing my art side.beyourself3

Love, Nina 😉

Be yourself even if…

I am a big fan of illustration, and at some point I am trying to learn how to draw. So basically I am doodling a lot, and this blog will be the place to share my first doodles 😉 So today I decided to share with you one I did this week, hope you like it. This drawing is part of a series call “BE YOURSELF”. The first draw of this series is here if you want to see it.

beyourselfHope you have a lovely Friday.


My drawings

I am a big fan of drawings, I really enjoy to find lovely drawings or to discover new artists. Last week I write down about Marc Johns, a beautiful artist I adore. But beside this, I think I have a little little newborn artist in me, I adore to make drawings, doodles, create characters. For me is inspiring and funny. So lately I have been drawing more than usual and I even assist a little course that teach me how to paint and draw in Photosop. So prepare yourself for finding a big amount of drawings here and if I am lucky I would like that this year learn new techniques to develop my drawings.  I am truly excited with this hobbie I always have, but for the first time I am dedicating real time to it. Here are some of my random doodle-drawings, hope you like them.

This is a Instagram photo of an aquarela:


Trying with the scanner:


The scan of a drawing I did in paper:


The same drawing but paint it with Photoshop:


Nina :)