People I admire… Peace Pilgrim

About a month  ago, while surfing the internet I found a lovely drawing (I love drawings a lot) and I start reading it and found a name that make me wonder.. “Peace Pilgrim”, Who in the world can be name like this? (look in the left side of the drawing, in Quotes)


In about a few minutes I was goggling the name and found that “Peace Pilgrim” was a woman who dedicate her life to walk for the peace. Her story inspire me and make me want to know more about her life, so I did.



Imagine to just walk most of your time, to meet unknown people every single day, to don´t have nothing just you, to give your life for a bigger purpose. This kind of stories inspires me, make me keep moving, “keep walking” to discover my own path. If you want to have more information about her you can go here

I just want to share her story with you, hope you like it,

Nina :)

Photo1: from here

Photo2: from here

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