People I admire… Lisa Congdon

Lisa Congdon is a californian ilustrator and artist that start her career at the age of 31. She used to work as a teacher for non-profit organizations and painting was just a hobbie in that time. After years of hard work, self taughting and practice she is now a full time artist. I love her story which is truly inspirational for everyone wanting to be an artist or anyone wanting to make a hobbie a real job. She remember me to stay focus, love what you do and do it every day (even if you have a regular job) because time, dedication and pasion are rewarded somehow. So if you are wanting to do “the job of your dreams” just be patient and let the time do his thing.


She has also worked in amazing 365 projects online, like collecting things or sharing quotes handwritten. Hope you feel inspire as much as I do.


Nina :)

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