People I admire… Garance Doré

Even she is better know as a fashion blogger, Garance Doré started her career as an illustrator in her natal France. She has a very particular drawing style that is so feminine and chic that the first time I saw it, I was hooked. She mixes very well thick and fine lines that she combines with perfect composition and lots of details . So here is my recognition to the “Garance artist” I admire so much. If you want to read her history from the illustrator Garance to the fashion blogger Garance click here(recommended!!) Or you can just visit her blog (which I do daily) and be amaze with her funny and real approach of life. I think she wouldn´t be catalog as a fashion blogger, is more as a real woman´s view of fashion. Enjoy!


garance dore 2garance dore illustration japan braidgarancedorepartygarance-dore-follow-me

Have a great end of the week.

Love, Nina

Credits:All the pictures are from Garance Dore website.

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