My top 10 blogs I daily read (or try to read)

Before I start to write in this blog, I was a very active reader in the blog world. Trough the years I been collecting new favorites blogs I really adore and in some way they shape me and make me the idea of what kind of blog I would like to have. There are lots of good blogs, but here is my top ten list of blogs you should read!!

1. A Beautiful Mess: The bloggers in charge are two lovely sisters: Elsie and Emma. They live a life of creating beautiful things, projects, diy, lovely recipes and a lot of things!!. (I read it daily and is my favorite one).


2. Garance Doré: she is a french blogger, and her story is very inspiring. I start reading her blog because she is a really good illustrator and I love her drawings. She is also a fashion blogger and I adore the illustration-fashion mix!!


3.Gala Darling: I love reading this blog, because her writing is very inspirational and motivational. She is a young new yorker, who love everything in pink and I adore her approach to life.galadarling

4. Designlovefest: the blogger behind this is Bri Emery, a californian blonde with a great taste for design.designlovefest

5.Sinceresly Kinsey: Kinsey is a midwest girl, who also is a a photographer with a pretty eye for diy projects (she also writes in A Beautiful Mess).sincereslykingsey

6. Elsa Billgrens: She is a swedish blogger and when I started to read her blog, she used to write in english and swedish, but now she only writes in her mother tongue. Even though I recommend her site, because she takes beautiful pictures.


7. Building 25: is the blog of Free People the brand, I adore some of their articles. They are based in Philadelphia and the name of the blog is because the headquarters of Free People are located in that address. Good vibes.


8. Making Magique: this blog is written by Haleigh Walsworth, a lovely american girl living in Paris. Her blog has beautiful pictures and she really makes me feel the parisian magic.makingmagique

9.Paper Fashion: a blog by Katie Rodgers, she describes her blog as a mix between paper and fashion, her illustrations are amazing, I love her romantic aesthetic.paperfashion

10.Elise Blaha: her blog is very sweet and is a very personal and life journal blog. Elise, is a mum to be and she combines diy projects, with recipes, yoga and scrapbooking. This is the last blog I started to read.

eliseblahaHope you like this special blogs! and start to follow them in case you like them, Good weekend and good reading!

Love, Nina 😉

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