My little collections… Nonsense stuff


I have to admit that I love to collect different kind of things and when something really likes me like shoes for example I can have a lot of them, really a lot (like a Batman Suit situation, the same item in every single color) I know shame on me!. But lets talk about the shoe issue later and let me present my little collection of nonsense stuff. Yes I have a problem with neon dash pink things that I will probably never use in my whole existence. Even when I am traveling I always try to buy something just for fun, so that my suitcase is always infected with different kind of little toys, pens, neon office supplies and a big etc.

My first nonsense stuff I adore is my little collection of post-its, I know post its!!! AHHH 😉 I love them in every shape, and recently I found a new bear shape that is really funny!


I have to admit that my favorites are: the big cupcake and the Rubik Cube 😉


Do you have some little collection of something? I hope you like mine 😉


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