Making a Candy Lamp

candylampMaybe because easter is around the corner or maybe because I am a big fun of candies I decided to make a CANDY LAMP. And the perfect ingredient I found were Marshmallows (YUMMY!!). In case you want to give a try to this project you would need: a glass vase or a glass jar (I found a flower vase that was perfect for this project), a lamp shade (yellow was my choice), lamp holder (I use an old one, but you can buy a new one in a hardware store), a light bulb and contact film.candylamp1The process is really simple, first you have to fill the vase with candies. You can put them randomly or try to make a pattern.candylamp2Once you finish, you have to put together the lamp holder and the lamp shade (this is easy because if you buy it together everything comes assemble). After that, you can use the contact film to seal the top of the vase (to maintain the candies). Last but no least install the light bulb and is ready!!!candylamp3This project was perfect for my new “Pop color spot” in my living room. With little details and home made projects like this you can add some color and personality to your home. I am in love with this space I create.candylamp6 candylamp8 candylamp7Hope you like it! And please in case you want to try this project remember you can choose other kind of candies. Please share pictures of your candy lamp!! With this candy lamp maybe you can feel tempted to eat it (I would be for sure).

Love and happy friday!

Nina :)


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