Experimenting with underwater photography

underwaterphotographySome time ago I became obsess about underwater photography. In fact I found an amazing artist Elena Kalis who is a mermaid photographer and I absolutely adore her work. So I know I am far away Elena, but I have a thought about why not trying underwater photography with my iphone! I have to admit that I had so much fun playing underwater. My goal for the future is to keep taking this kind of pictures and I absolutely need a better waterproof camera to play with.underwaterphotography4The first thing you will need to start snapping pictures underwater (and the cheaper option) is to buy an underwater case for your camera or your iphone. I bought this one and was the main tool for this pictures. You can check in amazon, there are lots of waterproof cameras in a low budget. I still didn´t choose my perfect gear for this new hobby, but i heard that the GoPro camera it´s really cool.underwaterphotography5underwaterphotography3 underwaterphotography2 photographyunderwater0underwaterphotography1Hope you like this post, I really love to take this pictures! Even if their are soooo amateur… and as you realize I add some aquatic doodles. I will keep you update about my underwater adventures and please try your own pictures and let´s be underwater friends!!!

Have a lovely weekend!! Love, Nina.

p.s: I am a fish in the water :)

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