DIY vs. BIY… shoe laces

shoelacesSince I bought me a pair of new shoelaces from Converse I had the idea of trying to make my own pair. It was really fun, easy and quick project. I really recommend it, because with new shoelaces you can refresh a pair of sneakers in a wink! For this project you would need: fabric (I recommend you to use an elastic one), adhesive tape, scissors, pins, needle and thread or in my case I used a sew machine.shoelaces11. 2. The first step is to cut the fabric in a very long rectangle shape. 3. Make a cut in the middle of the first piece of fabric, making two simetric rectangles. 4.5. Once the fabric is cut, you are going to have two identical pieces, so with the help of the pins fold it together and put some pins to help you in the sewing process. 6. Try to sew the two sides of the fabric as straight as you can, with a sewing machine it´s a very quick process. 7.To finish you can use transparent adhesive tape as a neat termination. You can roll the endings of the fabrics and add the adhesive tape. 8. Cut the remaining of the fabric. Finally choose a pair of sneakers to try your new shoe laces and voilá!shoelaces4Congratulations you have new shoe laces!!! I have the lucky to find a very similar fabric for this project but you can make them with the fabric pattern you like or even in a plain color!shoelaces5shoelaces3

Polka dots pants with polka dots shoe laces! What do you think??




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