DIY vs. BIY… Print Totes


I love totes, I use them daily to carry things and for me are very practical. Depending on the color and the material, you can use them to go to the beach, carry notebooks, for work and even to go to shopping. When I decided to make one of my own, I thought that it should have a simple design but it was a must to be stamp. I decided that my main theme would be Paris (is my favorite city in the world) and it was an easy decision because I already have some Paris rubber stamps. If you don´t have rubber stamps, you can do this project by making your own rubber stamps with foamy.


You can make the tote from scratch, you would need to buy some fabric (for stamping the perfect option is cream-coloured), and sew the two rectangles plus two straps. Or if you don´t want to sew, you just need to find a empty tote to design, depends on you! For the stamping process I used black fabric paint and a Eiffel Tower rubber stamp.


In the end I added some colorful ribbons and some pom-poms and Voilá!printtote0

Hope you like it and please try yours!! Love, Nina.

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