DIY vs. BIY… Cuddly toys


I am really enjoying the art of doing crafts. Inspired in some beautiful plush creatures, I decided to do some stuffed animals and my election were rabbits and owls.The process start by choosing the fabrics and drawing the molde. My own mold was inspired in a drawing I had..rabbit.theninaproject

For this project you would need fabrics (different patterns better), scissors, thread, pins, wadding and needles. rabbit.theninaproject5

You can sew it by hand or if you have a sewing machine you can save some time.rabbit.theninaproject4 rabbits.theninaproject1

1. Cut the mold into the fabric. 2. With black wool draw the eyes of the rabbit or whatever creature you are creating(I imagine them sleepy). 3. Sew it, by hand or by machine. 4. Put something inside the creature with the help of a stick, I used wadding but you can use other fabrics or cotton. 5. Cut the excess of fabric. 6. Put everything together with the help of pins, in my case I choose to use a little bow just to keep it more cute. 7. Have fun with it!!rabbits.theninaprojectHope you like it!!! Love, Nina 😉

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